Dedication | Gentleness | Patience

Matt Hernandez


Matt practices and teaches yoga classes and private instruction in the ashtanga vinyasa, dharma mittra, and sivananda styles, as well as acroyoga courses and handstand workshops and training.

Matt accidentally discovered yoga in a gym class and was immediately hooked. Growing up playing football and swimming, yoga was a lot harder than he expected! Initially just physical exercise, Matt's interest in yoga grew to the emotional and mental aspects of yoga. This led to spending 5 weeks at a Sivananda ashram, training to become a teacher in an immersive spiritual environment. This was a transformative experience, beginning an awareness that yoga goes far beyond just a physical practice.

Working full time in IT, Matt teaches yoga, acroyoga, and handstands as a passion, believing that dedication, gentleness, and patience are key to developing the body and mind.

“I have loved learning yoga with Matt. He is very supportive and has kept me coming back.”
"Matt is refreshingly honest, giving me the right amounts of acceptance and push."

Tel: 0751 552 2154

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